What documents are needed for a mortgage ?

The process of receiving the mortgage, it is always not an easy procedure. It will not end because the analysis only transmitted by our employer certificate of earnings. In fact, at each stage of this type of credit you may be asked about a whole range of other important documents to the bank. What?

Confirmation of the identity of the

The procedure for granting a mortgage is characteristic for the bank. Each of them can therefore during the process of granting a loan, ask us to provide other documents. The first element, without which it is impossible to start the loan procedure and to prepare a request, a confirmation of our identity. In most financial institutions simply show two documents, the most common is of course an identity card along with a passport or driving license.

Credit rating

Evaluation of our credit facilities will be made among on the basis of evidence of the salary. Here, the case, unfortunately, is more complicated due to the multiplicity of forms of employment. Most often, however, it will be issued by the employer proof of employment and average income for the last three or six months. They will not, of course, it can provide people who receive wages owed to them under contracts or order, the so-called civil contracts. In their case came borrower must provide accounts and enabling it to establish agreements achieved in the past (usually within one year) salary. In addition, it will be necessary to provide cooperation agreements that will allow the estimation of the amount of income after the loan is granted. Other documents must okazaćoby entrepreneurs. These are: presentation of business registration data, certificate of non-payment of the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution, as well as the PIT on income earned in the last year.

What else using abilities?

In addition, the assessment of the creditworthiness of our bank, as long as we do not run our bill was in it, can ask about recent statements from your account. Besides, you may be asked also be extracted from the credit card account. If it turns out that our creditworthiness is too small to take a loan from a given height, the bank may be requested to submit a document confirming his resignation as a credit card. In extreme cases, also due to insufficient indicator of creditworthiness, we will be forced to early repayment of borrowings. Upon settlement of the liability would be given by the appropriate evidence to repay the loan, which also must be submitted to the verification of the bank where applying for a mortgage.

As for real estate

After checking the creditworthiness of the bank will also be interested in receiving the documents relating to the property itself, which we intend to acquire. It will be necessary to present a preliminary sales agreement signed with the developer or the person selling the property on the so-called. the secondary market. For real estate on the secondary market potrzbne will confirm that the seller has the right property to dispose of it – it will be mostly a copy of the Land Register.

Each bank shall at the same time a separate policy lending, also may find that you will need to show other documents – also prepare ourselves for this eventuality.

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