How to safely withdraw money from ATMs ?

Almost every day we make transactions through ATMs. These devices are a great help for people with bank accounts. Allow for very easy access to the money round the clock. However, if the ATMs are safe? In recent times, a lot of talk about skimming.

What exactly is skimming?

Is the offense of illegally copying the contents of the magnetic stripe of a payment card without the knowledge of the holder to produce copies and perform unauthorized payments for goods and services, or withdrawals from ATMs.

Certainly we need to take care of their own safety. Therefore, we should pay attention to when withdrawing money from an ATM for some important information. For starters, always carefully inspect the device. If you see any suspicious element attached to the ATM resign from using it. Each piece looks suspiciously should arouse our care (stickers, tape, pads, elements protruding from the hole into which we put the card).

After inserting the card, when entering a PIN should cover the keypad with your other hand. As a result, no one will own our PIN number at an ATM if there was a camera mounted by thieves. Criminals (ie. Skimmerzy) frequently assemble the ATM keypad overlay „remembering” the PIN entered. In addition, the device is mounted sczytujące data from the magnetic stripe of the card. How to recognize the danger? Cheaper keyboard protrudes from the device, it can be seen that there is a different color, and overlay data sczytująca bar is mounted on the outside of the terminal – in a place where we put the card.

Before trading at an ATM, CHECK OR:

– In the ATM card reader looks suspicious.

– ATM keypad extends above the level of the housing.

– Face ATM has the elements do not fit into the general shape (eg. A camera aimed at the ATM keypad).

– Near a reader, there are remnants of glue, scratches, or metal powders.

– If you’re not sure what to look you can use an ATM from another financial institution can report, however, their suspicions.

– If possible, use ATMs located in the offices of financial institutions.

– Always cover the keypad when entering your PIN.


– Follow bank statements and check that all operations performed from your account are operations performed by you. In case of any irregularities – apply to the bank or credit unions.

– If you notice anything suspicious is advisable to notice the financial institution and the police.

– Avoid ATMs in remote areas, away from the surveillance cameras.

– Also note the commission. If you withdraw cash often from ATMs, the best advantage of the offer of the bank or credit unions, which has a wide network of ATMs. You’ll have instant access to your money and no commission payment. It should be borne in mind that cash withdrawals at any ATM (not in „our”) are subject to a commission.

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